You know as a healthcare futurist that’s a question I’m asked all the time. And you know, there’s an old adage that says that good fences make for good neighbors.
And to that I would suggest, that good economic incentives, make for good health care players. Right, when we incentivize drug companies, device companies, and hospitals and clinics and even caregivers in some cases, to do more things to patients…drumroll…they do more things to patients.
Pretty simple right? We pay people to do more things to patients, they do more things to patients. It’s that simple.

The economic model is broken.

In the big shift, the change that’s going to happen, that’s already underway in healthcare, is that we’re gonna start incentivizing the industry, and the caregiver, and for that matter the patient themself, to be involved in a partnership of prevention and wellness.

Some studies suggest that as much as 70% of all healthcare costs are directly associated with self-inflicted chronic disease. But wait, I thought we’ve had this argument for the last 10 years, where we’re seeing that the biggest problem in healthcare is the lack of access. And look, there’s some truth to that, there are underserved communities that are not getting the level of access that they should get. Particularly they’re not getting access in prevention and wellness.
Right, they live in food deserts and their quality of care is horrible.

That needs to be improved, but the only way we can afford to improve that is stop gratuitous utilization. That’s the truth. 70% of healthcare costs are from patients eating their way into chronic disease. And then, of course, we have the healthcare industrial complex. It’s more than happy to intervene. In my upcoming documentary The Healthcare Cure Dr. Ray power, and myself really lay out a path forward.

A simple prescription that can be applied immediately to change the way in which healthcare is architected in the future. Now I know the term The Healthcare Cure is brave and bold, because how do you fix healthcare? We know how, and we’re going to show you.

So please join me in this incredible journey, as we travel the world from Dublin, to Israel, to Perth Australia, and across the country, to talk to the greatest minds in healthcare as they help us lay out a healthcare prescription that fixes healthcare.

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