A lot of people ask me a very simple question: what is the impact of technology in healthcare. And, to that, I would like to say probably everything.

Now unfortunately when I talk about wearable technologies and continuous patient monitoring the immediate response is what about privacy.
Well, I remember reading a blog post a few decades ago where there were dozens and dozens of people posting on this economic forum saying that Amazon will never be successful.

Literally, that’s what they were saying. The reason why nobody in their right mind would ever take their credit card and put it on the Internet. Okay well, pretty much that worked out okay for Amazon. The truth of the matter is through blockchain and other technologies we can absolutely keep patients’ medical data absolutely and totally safe but more importantly, the benefits of continuous monitoring is so incredibly great that it will be required.

We will have in the next five to ten years everybody will be monitored continuously to determine their health state. Now is it the surveillance economy wanting to know about your biological systems it makes for an interesting novel but the truth of the matter is not so much. The idea of continuous patient monitoring is is that doctors need better data.

You know in my role at one of the country’s largest medical schools I’m always saddened when I look at our graduates walking up to to receive their medical diploma…I’m thinking to myself you know unfortunately these amazing people are going to have two incredible deficiencies. Number one is the healthcare industrial complex has not given them the time they need with that relationship with their patient. That was the first thing they’re not going to have the time they need with patients.

The second problem is they’re not going to have the data because basically in clinical settings we’re doing the same kind of data that we’ve done for the last hundred years we’re looking at blood pressure temperature a few other vitals that are not particularly interesting in just that moment. Continuous monitoring will give us the ability to not just collect dozens and dozens of sets of very very important biodata signals it’ll also allow us to use the learning machine AI to understand the meaning of those data signals so that you can be diagnosed 24 hours a day in other words well before you become symptomatic we will know that there is something going wrong and you’ll be summoned to the doctor that now has both the data and the time to spend with you because we’ve essentially automated much in the front side of the diagnostic curve.

Now I know all this sounds hard to believe but this is definitely where we’re going we’re going to use technology in a way that’s incredible. I can remember early on I’ve been in healthcare for 40 years people pushing back on things like MRIs and other diagnostic tools. You know we believe that these tools were you know evil monsters whom they wound up being the most incredible diagnostic tools we could ever hope for. Wearable technologies and continuous monitoring with artificial intelligence and the other systems that we’ll be using are really nothing more than the latest stethoscope. They’re just a great great tool that will reduce the cost increase our ability to automatically anticipate and find disease processes early on so that that patient has a menu of options for treatment intervention well before the disease process has matured.

That’s incredible. That reduces cost and it saves lives.

So when we think about the impact of healthcare and technology it is everything we will leverage technology. And keep this in mind it’s not subtractive its additive. In other words, what we’re going to do is we’re going to give you the patient the opportunity to really put information in front of your doctor that they couldn’t otherwise have ever dreamed of. So I think we’re looking at something that’s incredibly optimistic. Be open to the idea that technology is not subtracting from the relationship with you and your doctor it’s adding to it and I think that’s amazing.

I hope that you follow us on our journey as we film this incredible documentary film on The Healthcare Cure. I know the title itself is bold and the journey and the mission is big but I hope you join this mission so that we can change the conversation so that you can re-establish that relationship with your caregiver. Thanks so much and I hope to have you watching over my shoulder as we transition through this incredible journey.

Thank you so much.


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