Hi, this is Nick Webb, and welcome to the very first of my vodcast on the future of healthcare.

This podcast is a journey that I’m taking right now in the filming of my upcoming documentary The Healthcare Cure. Now just the name fixing health care of a documentary is pretty bold, it’s pretty ridiculous, right? That we could fix something that is so complicated and the machinery is so big. How could we possibly fix health care? Well, I think it’s you. I think it’s the creation of a movement, where people are saying we’ve had enough we want access to health, not just sickness interventions. We want time with our caregivers…we want a clinical experience that’s beautiful and non-punitive. It’s you, it’s you that can make this movement work. Our goal is to change the conversation.

Now this journey really began about a year ago. I was traveling to Dublin Ireland and I had this unusual encounter with Dr. Ray Power a physician in Dublin. And he approached me after a presentation and said: “Nick you nailed it, brother!” It’s all about the patient, it’s all about the patient.

I’m thinking, wait a minute I’m talking to a doctor and his religion is about caring for patients?
I got to know more about this guy!

One thing led to another and it turned out that he and I saw the universe in a very similar way and it was through his commitment to this film that we’re able to travel the world and to interview some of the most amazing experts. To have them put together a path forward into fixing health care.

Now let’s face it, health care is complicated and the fix isn’t easy but the good news is we know what is necessary.

In this film, we’ll talk about the big four shifts that must happen in order to get to a state of prevention and wellness…To keep people from getting sick in the first place rather than focusing on the next purple pill.

I’m so excited to be involved in this incredible mission to change the conversation from one that is based on trying to assign villains. Because when you look at most documentary films they’re trying to blame everything on McDonald’s, drug companies, and device companies.
The truth of the matter is, that’s not a very interesting discussion because it’s only part of the story, and to suggest that these villains are the net totality of the problem in healthcare it’s just simply not true.

We’re going to show you in very practical terms how we reestablish the relationship with the doctor and the patient in a way that is beautiful and frankly it’s the way modern medicine began in the first place.

So please join me on this incredible journey as we attempt to fix healthcare.


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