Hi, this is Nick Webb and welcome back to another episode of how we’re going to fix healthcare. In this five part video, I talked about the importance of gamification and game mechanics. In other words, how it’s going to impact the way in which we get people to a healthier state, and even to help them manage disease processes. In this short video, I want to talk about the importance of social engagement and, and the way in which we use social support systems to help people get healthier.

Now socialization or social engagement can be connected to things like tools like apps, but it can also be part of building a community. Many people that have iWatches or Fitbits. They’re part of a community that allows them to really and truly participate with dialog and with collaboration across the community, they get support, and they get backup from their social community. So if we really want to lose weight, and we really want to be successful in a weight loss journey, we have to build a success system around us in the form of a social community. So, I’d like you to keep that in mind as you’re thinking about the way in which you’re developing your solutions. If you’re a patient, ask yourself if I’m going to get healthy, what is my social systems like. In my 22 pound weight loss in three months, I had my wife as a very important support factor, where we talked about weight loss, she helped me make good choices helped me avoid bad choices. And it was that social connection between people that cared and supported my journey that really made all the difference in the world. So gamification and social engagement, incredibly important.

Now in the next video we’re going to talk about personification and how personification can be used to identify the right types of motivators to make sure that we’re connecting the right game to the right player so we can get patients to a healthier state. Thanks for watching.


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