So a lot of people ask me a very simple question how do you fix healthcare?

Well, I think the best answer to that is that we have to be willing to eliminate the biases that we had about the history of healthcare. You see the problem is is that when we transition from modern medicine into hyper intervention during this period of time we created financial incentives that rewarded medical device designers like myself.

Drug developers, everybody in the ecosystem was rewarded to do more things to patients to charge patients for more things.

When we create an economic framework that rewards hyper intervention guess what? We hyper intervene.

The thing that was missing here and the thing that got thrown to the curb if you will is that very important relationship between the doctor and the patient.
In Fixing Healthcare we have a prescription for a path forward.

One that shows you very clearly how we can reestablish that such an important relationship between the patient and the doctor leveraging technology, new economic models, and new clinical models.

This is doable…it’s absolutely doable.

In one fell swoop, we can significantly reduce the cost of healthcare increase the quality of life for patients while giving doctors the instrumentation that they need to be able to provide a beautiful beautiful experience and a real partnership in prevention and wellness with their patients
I hope that you join me in this incredible journey.

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